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Hamad S. Al-Mukhles

DOB: Feb 27, 1981 AD

P.O.BOX # 7908


Mobile: 0550500686

E.MAIL: hamadsalem2017@gmail.com


• To obtain a challenging position that would utilize my educational

background and develop my skills.


• Master of Municipal Administration

Architecture and Planning

Faculty King Saud University

• B.S. Electrical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum &

Minerals, Jan 2007.

• Elective courses:

o Protection and relaying

o Power Analysis

o Power Machine

o Satellite


• Completed a project on design of power system.

• Designed a project of control system.

• Created a project on design of microelectronics.


• Project Management Professional and PMP exam Preparation

• Interaction in Work Place

• Effective Communication & Team Building

• Report and Business Writing

• Self and Time Management

• Prepare engineering reports

• Launch and award procedures for construction projects

• Central oversee for the implementation of projects

• Safety Orientation Certificate From Aramco

• The basic program for Volunteers firefighters

• First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

• Modern technologies in the surveying ( GPS)

• Power Plant Systems_ Power and Energy

• Power Plant Systems_Condenser and Circulating Water

• Electrical Equipment _ Electrical Production and Distribution

• Electrical Equipment _ Transformers, Breakers and Switches

• Electrical Equipment _ Motor Controllers and Operation

• Electrical Equipment _ AC and DC Motors

• Power Plant Turbines_ Bearings and Operation

• Power Plant Turbines_Steam Flow

•Prefabricated buildings checker Course From Saudi Real Estate Institute


• Operating Systems: MS Windows.

• Office Application: MS Office, Word, Excel and Power Point.

• Internet Applications: MS Explorer, MS Front Page, MS Outlook.

• Software Languages : MATLAB and C++



• Three months university part time job in purchase department in 2005.

• Two months spent with Saudi Telecom Company as summer training

in 2006.

• Four months from 01/11/2006 to 01/03/2007 with Al-Jafer Trading and

Construction Company in Al-Khobar as project Engineer (Al-Joaimah

Plant, ARAMCO). Transformer calculation and sizing, single line

diagram drawing and redrawing.

• Three years from 02/04/2007 to 02/04/2010 spent with Saudi

Electricity Company.

• One year spent with SEC in QPP (Qurayyah Power Plant) as

Generation Engineer.

• Enrolled in the professional development and training program (PDP).

• Training in the steam power plant systems (Boiler, Turbine, Generator,

Desalination power plant …. etc)

• Four months spent in Shedgum Power Plant as Generation Engineer

(Technical Support).

• Training in the Gas power plant systems (Compressor, Turbine,

Generator…. etc).

• Two weeks in PP9 (Riyadh), rotation in combined cycle power plant

and identifying its related systems.

• Following up the construction of the new project, new Qurayyah

power plant.

• One year spent in SEC in transmission line, protection and testing division.

• Tasks and responsibilities :

• Contribute to the study of projects and pricing in the electricity lines.

• – Anticipated for the project related to electricity and express an

opinion on the budget study.

• – Supervision of electrical work for the project design.

• – Overseeing the implementation of electrical works projects by

contracted technical specifications.

• – Overseeing the audit and examination of subcontractors own

electrical business works.

• – Overseeing the review of electrical work extracts either the owner or

extract sub-contractor.

• – Request all necessary inquiries of the technical office and

departments of the company when needed.

• – Supervision of receiving elementary and deliver a final electrical

work to and from the consultant and the owner.

• – Configure the appropriate management team and projects, and

management is good management and provide all the needs of its

employees go.

• – Follow-up requests for technical implementation and the office

section when asked to report any information concerning the electrical

work projects and the work of the necessary reports.

• – Full cooperation with colleagues and departments concerned with

what is in the interests of labor.

• – Supervise the work of the entire archive of business management and

save documents well.

• – Supervision of copies required for destinations and departments

operating the project work.

• Six months spent in AMCDE consulting Engineering as Design


Still working on As Built Project in NGL (ARAMCO).

. eleven years spent in Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in

project management from 02/07/2010 until now.

Tasks and responsibilities :

•Field supervision of the establishment of government buildings and warehouses,

gardens, fence, bridges, ferries and bridges projects ..

Overseeing the incorporation of the beginning of the rules of concrete columns and

ceilings of concrete and closed Alsaat and oversee the establishment of electrical

wiring and lighting works low voltage and medium voltage.


• Proficient in Arabic and English.


• Creative and able to communicate ideas, thoughts and concepts in a

simple understandable way.

• Comfortable in working with cooperative teams.

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